Our Liberty show + January Issue Launch

Hello Papercutters!

So, what do you think of our new issue?! We are all so excited it's finally out; what a way to ring in the new year. And of course, on top of our recent release we celebrated with a Fashionably LATE show at the Liberty Hotel. It was a BLAST. The fashion was amazing, the crowd was chic, the music was awesome (we had a little 90s mix going on) and the show was an overall great success. Thank you to our fabulous designers Nicole Herzog, Taqqiya Ronco, Jimmy Guzman and Zack Lo. You never fail to amaze us with your endless talents.

Here are some quick snapshots backstage and on the runway:

My favorite look(!) backstage. I love the shades (very appropriate with our latest cover, no?)!

A look by our Fashion Editor Nicole Herzog.

A look by designer Taqqiya Ronco.

We had a bunch of photographers helping us cover the event so expect lots of new (and better quality) photos soon. In other exciting news...Print copies of the magazine are now available (as well as free iPad downloads)! It's about time. We had some crazy blizzard weather over here (as Hayley explained in her post earlier this week) and it messed up the mail so we didn't receive our proof until last night right before the event. I did bring it with me and flaunted it all around which was a nice little tease. People had a lot of fun flipping through except I kept handing if off and then wandering away so our poor Marketing Director Jamall was giving me exasperated looks and had to keep chasing it down (sorry Jamall!).

Well, now you can purchase your very own copy! Just head on over to MagCloud to do so. And if you missed and/or want one of our earlier issues they are still all available for purchase because all of the printing is done on-demand so we don't run out.

As always, we welcome and appreciate any and all feedback. You can email us any questions/comments at info@papercutmag.com. And yes, we do read all of your emails, it may just take us a while so please be patient and we promise we will get back to you!

Alright Papercutters, it's back to work for me. Talk to you all again soon!

Much Love,