Amber's Bon Anniversaire Music Picks

If you haven’t already read the latest Anniversary Issue of Papercut Magazine well… you’re missing out on some great musical artists that were featured in the issue.  Luckily we have our website here to provide you with some snippets of what you missed. 

First, I’d like to introduce to you one of my favorite artists from the latest edition of the magazine, Aubergine MACHINE. These guys are out of this world and exhibit so in their song “Satellite” by producing sounds with a spacey/star-dusty/“Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century” feel. They combine sounds that are a mixture between dubstep, electronic and pop. Shanti Ellis’s vocals have a honey-milky, melodic, synthpop sound that will be sure to turn ears.

Speaking of turning ears, Adjoa Skinner’s song “God Made Me Tall” made the list for my personal anthem with its quirky, fun, and engaging instrumentals and lyrics. The song is entertaining and tailored to the long-legged women of the world.

Skinner’s biggest musical influence is her step dad, who she says would invite her into his studio to share music that he loved and make CDs for her to listen to after she moved away at 18. The CDs, she says, consisted of early Elton John, Ricky Lee Jones, Blossom Dearie, and Russian Opera Soprano Soloists. “I think he was the first person to introduce me to Ella Fitzgerald, who vocally has been my greatest influence as a singer,” says Skinner.

When asked her musical influences Skinner replies, “I have such an incredible circle of people around me. I know when I create music it’s the raw idea... but the final product that you often hear in a studio recording reveals it’s not just me making the music come alive. I’m fortunate enough to work with some of the best musicians in the world. They also happen to be some of my favorite people of all time, and my dear friends.” During this question, Skinner gave a big shout out to all the people in her band and her mother, who Skinner says she mostly channels when performing.

Another favorite from the issue is the song “My Hearts a Whore” by Amber Ojeda.  She brings to the table a jazzy/soul/pop/hip hop sound. Ojeda’s biggest musical influences are Ella Fitzgerald, Sade, Janet Jackson and Bob Marley. The person who inspires her most when creating music she says is, “Again, it’s a grouping, but David Ott of Mind Majors is my go-to. There is something magical that happens when we start working. We can write four songs a day all completely different. We trust each other, no matter how crazy the idea.”

Never the less, all the artists featured in the magazine are great. Check out the songs listed above along with the other artists from the Anniversary Issue to see what you think.

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