Papercut Magazine is a multimedia destination dedicated to being the voice of the creative community

We accept submissions from emerging and established musicians/bands, photographers and their creative teams, artists, bloggers/creative writers, filmmakers, and fashion designers/ brands. If accepted, your work may be featured on our website and magazine. All submissions should be submitted through our submissions portal.

Please note that “emerging” does not mean “just started”. We are looking for those individuals who are wholly committed to their craft through never ending experimentation and learning and have developed a unique style or voice through the creation of numerous works.

Fashion & Beauty Photography

Papercut has always been a go-to destination for emerging fashion and beauty photographers to promote their work. We’re obsessed with uncovering the world’s rising image makers that can capture the most memorable sartorial moments.

The images that excite us the most are beautiful, colorful(or colorless), fantastical, tasteful, emotional, and most of all: BELIEVABLE. Make us buy into your world and suspend our disbelief.

Please include the following assets and information in a submission:

-Title (or at least an idea for a title)

-Photographers Name

-List the creative team (model, stylist, make-up and hair, assistants, retoucher, etc.)

-Brief 1-3 line description/commentary on the shoot.

-High rez images up to 8MB per image.

-Please include website if available and social links (instagram, twitter, facebook, etc.)

*We don’t provide pull or commissioning letters nor do we accept mood boards. We do however try and review as many submissions as possible and feature the ones that we truly love.

*Each image within a submission should be it’s own image. Any submissions with 2 page spreads or filmstrips will be declined.

General Photography

We’ve expanded our photography coverage to include journalism/documentary, street, performing arts, abstract / fine art, and (tasteful) nudes.

As with fashion photography we’ll be looking for submissions that blow us away, and consist of unpublished or recent work. Additionally, any submissions that follow a narrative and consist of at least 6 related images (read: photo series), will be prioritized above submissions that don’t.

Please include the following information in a submission:


-Photographers Name

-Model / Subject name

-Brief 1-2 line description per image or for the entire photo series if applicable to provide background.

-High rez images up to 8MB per image.

-Please include website if available and social links (instagram, twitter, facebook, etc.)


Papercut’s Art coverage aim’s to shine a spotlight on unique traditional artists from around the world. We are seeking submissions from those whose artistic style, point of view, and technique excite us. Art work we feature includes but is not limited to painting, drawing, illustration, sculpture, digital media, fine art photography, and installations.

When submitting to us, please make sure to include:

-Title of the art work/series/collection

-Brief description or narrative

-High rez and High quality images of the work providing a number of angles and close ups. Any art submissions with low quality imagery will be declined (this includes both the resolution and professionalism of the shots).

-Optional video if applicable

-All submissions must feature multiple artworks.  

-Please make sure to fill out your profile as well with your bio, social links and country.

Fashion Design

To submit to Papercut, you need to be a rising fashion designer/brand or a representative of a rising fashion designer/brand. (Note: rising fashion designer/brand means you have at least a few where-to-buys or will be sold somewhere notably within the next two seasons.)

All fashion submissions must be accompanied by a photo editorial or lookbooks, style photography, or a fashion film and any interesting behind-the-scenes. We value achieving new points of view, while highlighting the quality of your work and craftsmanship. Make us gasp!, please. And be sure to include your website, where-to-buy, and brief bio. If you have a fashion-based app or website, we're looking for your best screen shots and demos. Be sure to include your web address and the inspiration behind the product.

-Please include web address, if available and social links (instagram, twitter, facebook, etc.)


Papercut Magazine’s Film and Video Section strives to provide a platform for creative artists working in a variety of audiovisual formats. We encourage submissions from any audiovisual creator who has made a concerted effort to produce a distinctive and original work. The quality bar will be set high, and we discourage artist's from submitting promotional videos or any work that doesn’t demonstrate an original voice and genuine aesthetic concerns. In other words: Save the fluff for your reel.

Categories include Short Films (Narrative and Documentary), Music Videos, Experimental Pieces and Fashion Films. Artists who wish to promote feature films may submit an unedited 3-5 minute clip from the film; trailers will not be considered.

All submissions must include the following:

-Title, Director, Country, Year

-For features and Shorts please also include whether its a Narrative or a Documentary and Runtime

-For music videos please include the Name of Director, Song Title as the title, and the Musician/Band for whom the video is for.

-For Fashion films please include Names of: Director, Designer, Art, Hair/Makeup, Models

-For films, please include a 3-5 minute unedited clip and short description of the scene/clip

-A brief (3-5 sentence) synopsis along with a list of festivals and awards.*

-A brief (1 paragraph) artist’s statement describing the intention behind the piece. (music and experimental videos only)

-Web address, if available and social links

Submissions that do not meet all of these criteria will not be considered for publication.

If a film/video is selected for publication, Papercut Magazine will request a brief 1-2 paragraph artist’s statement to accompany the film. In addition, artists selected for the Featured Artist category may receive an interview request.

*Music videos submitted to the film/video section should be submitted by the DIRECTOR and NOT to promote the musician. The focus will be on the aesthetic and technical qualities of the video itself.


We’re always seeking out fresh sounds, new tunes, and the people making them. At Papercut we’re looking to introduce our readers to an eclectic mix of artists from across globe in all genres.

To us a good submission is one with great production, as in the quality of the recording and mixing is at a high level. If we pop your song into a playlist next to some of our favorite artists, it won’t stand out, and instead fits right in. Beyond that, we’re looking for artists who have an intriguing style and make us want to hear more. Ideally, you’ll have a finished EP out along with strong promotional or album imagery and have played some live shows of said EP. Lastly, anything else that makes you stand out the better. If you make cool music videos or have some great photoshoots, we want to see and hear about it.

When submitting to us please include:

-Band/Artist Name

-Link to a soundcloud song or set and Song credits

-Youtube or Vimeo Music Video Link if applicable and credits

-Artist/Band Bio

-Artist Image / Album Art

-Links to soundcloud, facebook, and twitter

Creative Writing

The newest addition to our creative arts coverage is the written word. The forms of writing we are looking to include are short stories, poetry, personal narrative, and exploratory articles/interviews about other emerging creative artists. Please include some sort of visual with each submission.

*There are no differences between the content that gets published on our website and the content that gets published on our magazine. If you get into the magazine, it means the content you submitted just happens to align thematically with the topic we intend to explore during a specific issue and time frame.